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Jeanne’s Antiques is Family Owned & has been in business for almost 50 years now. It is located 1 mile East of Crofton, Nebraska right along Highway 12. Please relax and take a few minutes to browse through the selection of merchandise we have. The unique gift you’ve been struggling to find for someone special might be here, and at the same time be sure to keep your own interests in mind because when you least expect it, you may find something for yourself! Either way, your satisfaction is always guaranteed. We also ask that you keep in mind the fact that this website contains only a minuscule fraction of the thousands of pieces that we have on hand ~ we simply do not have the manpower to get pictures put up of all our inventory. So, if you have a particular interest and you do not see it here, or want answers to a specific question you may have, please email or call us at 402-388-4631 and we will be happy to offer you assistance. Thanks for viewing our website and your interest ~ and may GOD bless the USA, our Beloved Troops & our Veterans!

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Jeanne’s Antiques
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We offer a huge selection of fine antiques and collectibles